Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Grand Master has passed on...

Jack Vance, (1916 - 2013) passed away at his Oakland CA home on May 23rd. He was 96. Vance who is best known for his Dying Earth novels and the Demon Princes. He was named the 14th Grand Master of Science Fiction in 1997.
Vance lived a colorful and varied life, he missed the attack on Pearl Harbor by a month and was turned down for military service due to poor eyesight. He ended up serving in the Merchant Marine after memorizing an eye chart to pass the medical exam. While at sea he wrote his first science fiction story.
Before becoming a full-time writer in the 1970s, he worked as a seaman, surveyor, and carpenter, among other occupations. Vance was a talented musician and released a jazz album just a couple of months ago.

For more on Vance and his work visit the official website:

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