Wednesday, January 22, 2014

 New Year, new books.. just finished a peek at Stephen Leigh's upcoming release IMMORTAL MUSE, due out March 5th.
In an email the author says: Here's an advance peek at some of what Romantic Times will be saying in their March newsletter, where IMMORTAL MUSE will be designated a Top Pick!  "Mythology, alchemy, and fantasy all combine in Leigh's IMMORTAL MUSE, creating the perfect combination for readers looking for their next stellar read."  Hey, we'll take that! You can read the entire full review in RT in March.
As a fan I was able to get a look at the first chapter, and I'll tell you its got my interest... More a little later.
  I'm what some people would call a"bookaholic" and as such I've built of a good sized collection. I find there's nothing quite as satisfying as a physical book, but I have a secret vice.. I have become a "kindle" addict. I got one because it was handy for school, then I started getting novels, and I must say I found a few gems in the 99cents pile and have managed to build up quite the collection, including a umber of free books through Book
Check it out next time I'll have a couple of reviews

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