Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm back and oh happy day, my wife found a discarded bookcase that was almost 8 feet long just 2 shelves, but we were able to unpack 16 boxes of books that we had no shelf space for, the cats love it too, mama cat Priscilla and her 5 kittens have been climbing all over it and discovering new places to hide and ambush each other.
I've just  finished Arthur C. Clarke and Fred Pohl's "Last Theorem" a Space Opera with cozmic overloards planning on destroying the Earth, a plausible setup of  world control a la 1984 and some interesting ideas about Math, and naturally Fermat's theorem... the critics didn't like it too much, but I found it to be an interesting quick read.
Speaking of "Space Opera" check out Eon's "The New Space Opera" edited by Gardner Dozois  and Jonathan Strahan. Its a collection of stories that represent the newest iteration of the Space Opera genre created by E.E. Doc Smith, The Futurians, C.L. Moore and others. I'm about halfway through and have enjoyed most of the stories.. you've got contributions from Gwynith Jones, Ian McDonald, the late Kage Baker, Robert Silverberg, Walter Jon Williams and others who manage to turn out an interesting story. Some of the stories are worth your time, such as one where you find out a visit from an angel isn't necessarily a good thing.

These 2 books are a little old, one is from 2008 the other from 2007 but these days buying new books puts a  major strain on my budget so I haunt thrift stores, used bok stores and my public library's monthly sale (a box of books for $6) where I can sometimes find some real treasures.
I will somehow eke out enough sheckels next week to buy George R.R. Martin's latest addition to the Song of Ice and Fire. Maybe someday I'll find a real job that will enable me to have some disposable income..bu that's a rant for another day... I'm going back to my books.

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