Sunday, July 10, 2011

Return of the new fantasy king

I just read a review on Salon ( of the new George R.R. Martin  update to A Song of Ice and Fire: "A Dance With Dragons.

Here's a letter  I posted after reading the review (lucky SOB gets to read advance releases)

  After recently completing a marathon re read of the preceding books I am awaiting with dire anticipation the delivery of my copy of "A Dance With Dragons". Don't tell me I should have ordered Kindle.. I still want the feel, heft and smell of a real book in my hands.
I don't think Mr. Martin will disappoint me, I found Feast of Crows to be a good read because it updated me on what was happening with other characters who had been left to wander while he dealt with other matters. .
After he has taken so long to continue his epic tale, my main fear is that Martin will pull a Robert Jordan; drag out the story and then die without completing it. Martin is not getting any younger and shows risk factors for coronary disease. I also fear that I will die before he finishes the cycle..waiting for his book has kept me going through congestive heart failure and other health afflictions. So George put down the Wild Cards and hurry up and deal out the rest of the story, please.

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